I'm Living For These Top 3 Design Trends in 2023!

Most trends come and go, but some stick around, and for good reason! These top three trends are making waves in the design and furniture industry. Here are a few of my favorites.


Rattan + Natural 

rattan outdoor chairs and table in front of pool Spanish style

Rattan furniture is lightweight and easy to care for. Its natural beauty allows it to age gracefully. Rattan accessories are fun to have around the home.

Rattan bar cart with serve wear and bouquet of flowers


Fluted + Curved

fluted glass door with plant in front of it black metal frame

Fluted glass and stone has become very popular in furniture details. Bath Vanities and Kitchen Islands are also seeing fluting in stone waterfalls, countertops, and glass cabinet insets. 

Adding arches to interior pass-throughs is a design trend that brings curves and softness to a basic wall. It is an easy and affordable way to elevate your space.

curved arch white ceiling and wall with black sofa and small coffee table small vase with plants natural mat 


Concrete + Ceramic

 concrete floor with stone wall rattan chair and circle rug

Textured and smooth concrete and ceramic surfaces, furniture, and accessories are both minimal and modern. Ceramic and concrete pair well with mixed metals and clean white and neutral walls.

 tan ceramic vases on white wall shelves with brass mushroom lamp on console with books and rattan chair



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