Meet Shop Palinkas Studio

Shop Palinkas Studio has been a life-long dream for interior designer, Jonathan Palinkas. It was created from his passion of procuring unique art and artifacts for the home. A virtual marketplace for all your decorating and design needs, Shop Palinkas Studio has special, in-stock items for everyone. 

Jonathan's design journey began back in 2013 when he entered into design school in his hometown of San Diego, California. Having interned for and then assisted many award-winning interior designers there, he moved to Tacoma, Washington with his husband and their pup Winnie to renovate and restore an old craftsman bungalow in the city's historic Proctor District. 

In addition to operating the shop, Jonathan also runs his interior design company, Palinkas Studio and works with clients in Tacoma and all over the world. Palinkas Studio specializes in creative residential and boutique hospitality projects.

To learn more about design services, visit for more information. 

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