COVER IT UP With the Freshest New Patterns This Spring!

Wallcovering is an easy way to make a dramatic change to your space. Here are a few of my favorite picks for this Spring. 


Phillip Jeffries | Blushing Blooms 

 blushing blooms wallcovering

blushing blooms wallcovering phillip jeffries

Blushing Blooms Phillip Jeffries Wallcovering behind white Bed and nightstand and lamp


Phillip Jeffries | Preppy Plaid 

preppy plaid wallcovering phillip jeffries

preppy plaid mint julep phillip jeffries wallcovering

preppy plaid coral phillip jeffries


Phillip Jeffries | Kuba Cloth 

kuba cloth phillip jeffries wallcovering

kuba cloth phillip jeffries wallcovering


Phillip Jeffries | Jacks Jungle 

 jacks jungle phillip jeffries


Phillip Jeffries | Nomadic 

nomadic phillip jeffries wallcovering

nomadic wallcovering

nomadic phillip jeffries wallcovering



Phillip jeffries wallcoveringSpring wallcovering trends