COVER IT UP With the Freshest New Patterns This Spring!


Explore Stunning Wallcoverings for Spring


Enhance your space with the latest collection of wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries. Take your decor to the next level with these exquisite designs:

Blushing Blooms Wallcovering

Phillip Jeffries | Blushing Blooms

Adorn your walls with the elegant Blushing Blooms wallcovering, offering a touch of sophistication and charm to your room.

Preppy Plaid Wallcovering Phillip Jeffries

Phillip Jeffries | Preppy Plaid

Embrace a classic look with the Preppy Plaid wallcovering, available in various refreshing shades to suit your style.

Kuba Cloth Phillip Jeffries Wallcovering

Phillip Jeffries | Kuba Cloth

Transform your space with the intricate design of Kuba Cloth wallcovering, adding a unique and artistic touch to your decor.

Jacks Jungle Phillip Jeffries

Phillip Jeffries | Jacks Jungle

Create a bold statement with the Jacks Jungle wallcovering, bringing exotic vibes and energy into your home.

Nomadic Phillip Jeffries Wallcovering

Phillip Jeffries | Nomadic

Experience a blend of tradition and modernity with the Nomadic wallcovering, offering a versatile and stylish choice for any room.

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