Meet Shop Palinkas Studio

Shop Palinkas Studio is the realization of interior designer Jonathan Palinkas' lifelong dream. Specializing in unique art and artifacts for the home, this virtual marketplace offers a wide range of in-stock items to cater to all your decorating and design needs.

Jonathan's design journey began in 2013 when he pursued his passion by attending design school in San Diego, California. After gaining experience working with award-winning interior designers, he relocated to Tacoma, Washington with his husband and their dog Winnie. Together, they renovated an old craftsman bungalow in the city's historic Proctor District.

In addition to managing the shop, Jonathan operates Palinkas Studio, his interior design company, serving clients in Tacoma and worldwide. Palinkas Studio focuses on creative residential and boutique hospitality projects.

For more information on design services, please email Jonathan at

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